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Thumbs-Free Massage DVD

Learn thorough, effective and safe techniques for a full-body massage without ever using them. As tools, thumbs are just too small for the jobs that we often assign to them.

This DVD is 90 minutes long, and addresses one side of the body in each position: Prone, supine and side-lying.
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The Passive Stretch Workbook
Table Thai and More for the Massage Professional

The Passive Stretch Workbook Finally, the definitive text on how to stretch your client on the massage table. As a bonus, a self-stretching section offers a gentle, effective routine for the massage therapist. See Details | Order

The Passive Stretch DVD:

Passive Stretch DVD A step-by-step guide to safe and effective stretches on the massage table for every part of your client's body. I've been collecting stretches since 1988, adapting from many different sources, modifying them as needed. See Details | Order

  • Stretches for the Seated Client &
  • Self-Stretches for the Massage Therapist
The Thai Massage Workbook

The Thai Massage Workbook This helpful step-by-step guide will assist you with your approach to performing Thai massage. From suggested supplies and what to wear,
to 137 positions with sketch and description. See Details | Order

The Thai Massage DVD
The Thai Massage DVD

For the professionally trained massage therapist - a thorough, step-by-step run through of a full-body Thai massage, narrated by the practitioner, Kay Rynerson. See Details | Order | Video Trailer

The Saltwater Taffy Stretch Routine DVD

Offered as a bonus with the Passive Stretch DVD and now available separately, the 45-minute Saltwater Taffy Stretch Routine DVD enables you to gently, effectively and safely stretch every part of your body. Based on a theory that takes into account the body's automatic stretch reflex response, the Saltwater Taffy method uses repetitions rather than long holds to lengthen the muscles. See and feel for yourself the dramatic effects of this dynamic routine. See Details | Order

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