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Using my step-by-step books, DVDs, and workshops, you can learn techniques of traditional Thai Massage or modern Table Thai, also known as Passive Stretches. These safe and effective techniques were collected, clinically tested and refined over more than two decades of practicing and teaching massage. These stretches are culled from many different modalities including, but not limited to Thai Massage.

Expand your practice and meet your clients' needs for greater flexibility and range of motion.

Thai Massage and Table Thai/Passive Stretching

In Thailand, Thai massage is called "yoga for lazy people" because the therapist does all the work. In both traditional Thai Massage and Table Thai/Passive Stretching, the therapist gently and effectively moves the client's limbs through a step-by-step progression of movement that leaves the client feeling relaxed and energized.

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Kay Rynerson McCabe
LMP, Registered Thai
Massage Therapist
Practitioners of Thai Massage
  • Work on a mat on the floor. (Clients are clothed.)
  • Do not use oils or lotions.
  • Uses legs and feet, as well as arms and hands, to work on the client.
  • Perform a extensive amount of work on the client's legs and comparatively little on the client's neck. (This focus reflects the needs of the typical clients, such as farmers and monks, when the ancient technique was developed.)
  • Usually use traditional Thai techniques exclusively in a session.

Practitioners of Table/Thai Passive Stretching

  • Work with a massage table. (Clients may be clothed or draped.)
  • Use arms and hands to stretch the client.
  • May use oils or lotions.
  • May focus session on any part of the client´┐Żs body.
  • Can easily combine techniques of Table Thai/Passive Stretching with other modalities.
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